A Custom Playing Card Company

Printed by the USPCC.

56 cards manufactured on Bee® Premium Casino Stock and using Bicycle® Branding.

Standard Edition Deck and Limited Edition Deck featuring Gold Rainbow Foil Tuck Box and Limited Edition Seal.


The NECRONOMICON, roughly translated, The Book of the Dead. Forged from the mind of H.P. Lovecraft and just a piece in a series of literature known as the MYTHOS. 4PM DESIGNS has delved into the darkness for a unique deck design. While among the dead, this deck has resurrected the Great Old Ones and their knowledge has possessed these 56 cards to bring you MYTHOS: NECRONOMICON. 


Printed by the USPCC. The rarist of the rare, these sheets are pulled right off the machines before the cutting process. Only 100 of these were pulled from the printing press with about 30 left available to the public.

STANDARD DECKS - Only 3,500 decks printed for a One Time Only printing. Custom Seals were added to provide some additional flare.  

LIMITED EDITION DECKS - Originally intended to be a run of 1,500 decks, the USPCC had to have these foil tuck boxes printed by a company they hand previously discontinued work with. After renegotiating, they were able to secure the foil needed for the deck run. However, There were unforseen problems that arouse causing a huge batch to be lost. Now there are only 1,000 Limited Edition decks in circulation.

Custom Seals were also added to this deck to help seperate itself from it's counterpart.

For our Magicians out there! Impress your audience with the Barcode Reveal. Use your skills to unlock the secret of a person's card. Also, an additional reveal, the QR Code reveal. A very unique way to reveal a person's card. Imagine someone's face when you use their phone to reveal their card by scanning the code on the card box. Get creative! TRY IT NOW, SCAN THE IMAGE!!!